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Stem CellX


Stem cell applications on orthopaedics and other clinical conditions

– StemCellX® is a unique AUTOLOGOUS BIOLOGICAL PRODUCT prepared in Lifebank’s laboratories using peripheral blood as the source.

– The material being prepared is genetically identical to each individual and is therefore completely personalized and customized to the patient’s own needs.

– Absolutely NO additive is used in the preparation or application of the final product.

– The natural biological product being prepared is a mixture of biological nutrients and proteins isolated from the patient’s own cells.

– The nutrients mixture that is isolated and used, has a healing effect on cartilage and knee injuries.

– The first results are usually visible about 2 weeks after the application. There is a continuous evolutionary effect at least for the next 3 months following the application.

– StemCellX® is a pioneer treatment offered exclusively by Lifebank in collaboration with associated physicians.

The treatment has been developed by Lifebank in collaboration with a leading scientific team from Chaim Sheba Medical Centre at Tel Hashomer, Israel.

The procedure requires the collection of a small volume of peripheral blood from the patient. When received, the blood is transported directly to Lifebank’s laboratory for processing in a controlled laboratory environment.

The cell separation and centrifugation required is done with specialized equipment at high speeds and cooling conditions, using Lifebank’s expertise in the field of cryogenics.

StemCellX® is applied as an autologous biological therapy in an injectable form and can be used in the areas of the knee and cartilage and / or where your doctor will indicate. Because of the physical origin of the material, each treatment can be repeated relatively often, every 4-6 months, or even earlier if you wish.


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