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Dental Stem Cells

dental stem cells

Freezing of stem cells from dental pulp

Neonatal teeth are an important source of stem cells for collection, cryopreservation and long-term storage in deep freezing conditions. The main reason is the ease with which a tooth can be collected that will naturally be changed anyway, or even a healthy tooth, such as a wisdom tooth to be exported by an adult.

In particular, the pulp in your baby’s teeth contains a significant number of stem cells. Modern scientific studies have demonstrated the ability of these cells to evolve into various other kinds of cells, such as nerve cells, muscle cells and others. Therefore, the expectations of the scientific community are that in the years that follow these cells can be used in disease therapies as well as in regenerative medicine.

Lifebank with Dentastem® offers the possibility of storing dental pulp stem cells from tooth or teeth that will eventually be exported.

The number of mesenchymal cells that can be isolated from the dental pulp is limited due to the size of the tooth. Nevertheless, it remains particularly important for the future cultivation and proliferation of cells in larger numbers. If and when necessary, Lifebank is able to directly proceed to the laboratory culture and cell proliferation process for potential application purposes.

The tooth and packing procedure is performed by your dentist in accordance with Lifebank’s guidelines. Once the sample has been packaged and marked appropriately, it is shipped to Lifebank’s main laboratory premises. At the company’s laboratories, the material received is evaluated and processed following a strict scientific protocol for isolating dental pulp and cryopreservation of the biological material at -196 ° C under deep freezing conditions.

Dentastem procedure in simple steps

  1. Initial information about Dentastem is provided by the dentist. For further details in relation to the service and the procedure please contact Lifebank on 70008484.
  2. The collection kit is kept in the fridge until the tooth is collected.
  3. The tooth is collected by the dentist and placed in Lifebank’s special collection container.
  4. Until pick-up by Lifebank the sample is kept in the fridge.
  5. Lifebank is informed in order to arrange sample pick-up. Please contact Lifebank on 70008484.
  6. Upon receiving the sample, payment is also arranged by cash or cheque payable to Lifebank Laboratory Ltd or by credit card payment over the phone.
  7. The sample is transferred to Lifebank’s laboratory facilities for evaluation and processing.
  8. The processed sample is cryopreserved and stored in liquid nitrogen storage tanks at -196°C.


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