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About Lifebank

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The Company

Lifebank was established to provide the safest and most reliable service available in the field of human tissue and cell banking. Lifebank is a private limited liability company registered in the Republic of Cyprus and operating in the field of biotechnology and molecular diagnostics since 2003.

What we do

Stem Cell Banking/Technologies:

Human tissue and stem cell banking division. The division processes and cryopreserves human tissues and stem cells for future therapeutic applications.

cord blood banking

Cord Blood Banking

dental stem cells

Dental Stem Cells

Stem CellR

Stem CellX

DNA Based Diagnostics:

The unit specializes on DNA-based diagnostic tests with an extensive network of collaborating doctors of various specialties across Cyprus. The business unit applies advance molecular biology techniques for the detection of genetic disorders and viral infections in human samples for diagnostic purposes.

human papilloma virus test

Human Papilloma Virus testing


Sexually Transmitted Diseases testing


Thrombophilia testing

Genetic testing/molecular diagnostics

Genetic testing/molecular diagnostics

Supplements & Nutriceuticals

The company’s business division, under the name Lifebank Pharmakon, is the exclusive distributor of specialised food supplements, nutriceuticals and pharmaceuticals in Cyprus. For this purpose, Lifebank is fully licensed for the wholesale of pharmaceutical products by the Pharmaceutical Services of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus.

Company-owned laboratories


The firm’s company-owned laboratories and headquarters are based in the town of Pafos, Cyprus. Lifebank offers its services in Cyprus and regional countries and operates under a license granted by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus.

Since its establishment Lifebank closely collaborates with Chaim Sheba Medical Centre, a governmental university hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel. Under this collaboration and as part of an extensive R&D program the two parties have been co-jointly developing new protocols and services in relation to antiaging and regenerative medicine.

The company’s vision is to grow at a local and also regional level as a health and biotechnology organization having a quality-centric approach and a strong services and products portfolio. Ultimate objective is to offer a valued customer experience through the company’s different business divisions for the benefit of both the customers and the company’s stakeholders. To achieve this, Lifebank’s business mission focuses on continuous improvement through innovation and research.

The company works to further develop and improve services currently offered by the organization and at the same time expand its field of operations into businesses relating to its core operations and existing competitive advantages. By doing so, Lifebank seeks to add value to its portfolio of offered services and products and remain a pioneer in its industry, both at a local and regional level.